{{'body.project.feature_listings_in' | translate}} City Garden

{{'common.house_code_upper' | translate}} H135547

Charming and luxurious 1 bedroom in Binh Thanh district

1 {{'body.project.bed' | translate}} {{'body.project.bath' | translate}} Binh Thanh District

{{'common.house_code_upper' | translate}} H135213

3 bedroom apartment in City garden Binh Thanh

3 {{'body.project.bed' | translate}} {{'body.project.bath' | translate}} Binh Thanh District

{{'common.house_code_upper' | translate}} H135005

Luxurious spacious one bedroom apartment near the center of the city

1 {{'body.project.bed' | translate}} {{'body.project.bath' | translate}} Binh Thanh District

{{'common.house_code_upper' | translate}} H140634

City Garden Apartment 3 Bedrooms - Fully Furnished & Marvelous Apartment With Panoramic View

3 {{'body.project.bed' | translate}} {{'body.project.bath' | translate}} Binh Thanh District

{{'common.house_code_upper' | translate}} H135539

Spacious 1 bedroom apartment in unique designed City Garden

1 {{'body.project.bed' | translate}} {{'body.project.bath' | translate}} Binh Thanh District

{{'common.house_code_upper' | translate}} H134192

City Garden Apartment 2 Bedrooms - Fully Furnished & Gorgeous and Lovely

2 {{'body.project.bed' | translate}} {{'body.project.bath' | translate}} Binh Thanh District

{{'common.house_code_upper' | translate}} H137285

City Garden Apartment 1 Bedroom - Fully Furnished & Stunning

1 {{'body.project.bed' | translate}} {{'body.project.bath' | translate}} Binh Thanh District

CITY GARDEN APARTMENT The City Garden project – It is about a quiet and peaceful living space which any families long for their needs. In the hustle and bustle of city life, constructing a model of the green garden as ‘City Garden Apartment’ is cherishing the hope that residents absolutely build houses, and settle down. Living at City Garden, you and your family immensely enjoy in a fresh space. The City Garden towers and skyscrapers are built in ellipse from 21-30 floors with the unique and special design. City Garden is one of the high-class apartments having the best greenery in Ho Chi Minh City. No more living spaces than City Garden with the total area of 17,000m2 verdure encompassment. In combination with modern architecture and fantastic landscape art, City Garden stands for the real estate projects in Ho Chi Minh City. The Penthouses at City Garden transform the level of style and luxury. From the apartments of Six The Penthouses models, you will get a sense of apparently unique traits. Amalfi – A Sanctuary of Warmth Carpri – A Life of Comfort and Joy Monaco – A Haven of Elegance Portofino –Exclusive Views toward Infinity Santorini – A Humbling Sense of Grandeur Siena – Sundrenched Afternoons and Magical Evenings The Executive Suites create the luxury of space without losing quite in a bustling city. Residents enjoy a spacious living combining with kitchen, dining area and panoramic views from the balcony. The Sky Residences – A place with nearly 100 meters above ground level, residents with experience in entrancing views seeing breathtaking sunsets of pinks, crimsons, and Saigon’s city lights. City Garden is at 59 Ngo Tat To, Binh Thanh District. Located in a favorable position, residents here only take about 5 minutes to travel to the central city. All The City Garden Project provides you with your comfort and convenience. Let City Garden keep your mind on your life. In addition, City Garden stands at nearly Sai Gon River, Van Thanh Tourist Area, Saigon Zoo and Botanic Garden. You can take a rest from green campus and the utility. In the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, City Garden brings the mixture of daily amenities namely: mini supermarket, restaurant, coffee shop, pharmacy, playschool, swimming pool, gymnasium, and parking lot. At City Garden Apartment Area, residents actually have feeling of safety with its daily services. More remarkably, City Garden designs the separate path as for pedestrian and motorbike or car assuring City Garden residents’ commuting in safety first. Having Prominent Position, Green Space, Amenity, Design and Quality, City Garden is the best choice for you want to hire an affordable apartment at the central city.

  • Big Building
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  • Finished
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  • {{'body.project.floors' | translate}}

  • {{'body.project.units' | translate}}

  • 1 - 3
    {{'body.project.bedrooms' | translate}}

  • {{'body.project.apartment_area_range' | translate}}

  • {{'body.project.price_range' | translate}}

  • Binh Thanh District
    {{'body.project.location' | translate}} Location

  • Coteccons
    {{'body.project.builder' | translate}}

  • 22,889 square meters
    {{'body.project.land_size' | translate}}

  • 8
    Location Rating


  • 24Hr Electricity Backup
  • Parking
  • Maintenance Staff
  • Club House
  • Community Hall
  • Restaurant
  • Banking / ATM
  • Coffee Shop
  • View +17more
  • Pharmacy
  • Shopping Mall
  • Super Market
  • Swimming Pool
  • Tennis Court
  • Badminton Court
  • Gymnasium
  • Indoor Games
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Playground
  • Intercom
  • Wifi
  • Internet
  • Security Guards
  • Project Access Card
  • Floor Access Card
  • Elevator

Big Building {{'body.project.like' | translate}} City Garden

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