How it works?

At Hoozing, we accept house listings from you - "the current tenants" rather than from agencies or landlords, because you are the ones who know best about the house and its neighborhood.

Upload your listing

Spend 3-5 minutes to share the information of your current renting apartment with us, regardless of when the contract ends. However, the listing will be published only after we confirm with the landlords and you're about to move out.

Advise potential tenants

The listing would be promoted by our team on different communication channels, and soon after that potential tenants would contact you to ask for more information or arrange a visit.

Get paid once deal closed

After the visit, if the potential tenants show sheer interest in the house, Hoozing would handle all the legality and negotiations to get the deal closed.

How much you can earn?

The commission fee would be shared 50% - 50% between you and Hoozing. The fee varies from time to time depends on landlords and market practice, so use our calculation tool below to know your estimated earning.

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Get started now!

It would take from 3-5 minutes to create the listing from your phone or computer, provided you have the photos of the house and the rental contract available.

Free professional photoshoot (including the 360 degree photo) is provided upon request.



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Free reminder

If your contract is not ending yet, why not set up a free reminder with us?
Bad memory would easily waste an opportunity.