Hoozing Team Culture

Hoozing team is a dynamic team in cultures and characteristics. We embrace the differences and seek for the potential in each individual to achieve the impossible. All of Hoozing team members are under 30 years old and most of us previously worked and volunteered in non-for-profit sector. Therefore we always ensure meaning and impact in everything we do instead of only chasing profit. The photos below were taken during our pitch days, our team retreat and team dinners. Like many other startups, one of the things we seem to do well is find a balance between hard work and fun. If you have a chance to walk around our startup office and seen employees talking on personal cellphones, lounging on bean bag chairs, listening to music and even playing guitars — all during “work hours.”

Join Hoozing today

As one of the most promising startup in real estate industry, Hoozing is offering many priceless benefits for our potential employees, including the unique growth opportunity where they have diverse responsibilities and have to get the most out of limited resources; the flexibility for people to do their work on their own schedule and build a flow that fits with their families, friends and activities; the insights into housing rental market in Vietnam and the holistic view of an startup's operation! We are continuously recruiting new members, please drop us an email at career@hoozing.com for internship, part time or full-time positions in the following departments: Sales, Marketing, Finance.

Hoozing is a great environment where young people work with all their passion and enthusiasm. After 2 months working here, the things that I received are much more than I expected: new experiences, great lessons and the love of this amazing team. With this amazing team, I believe Hoozing will definitely succeed in the near future.

Since I start working at Hoozing 's team. I have improved a lot in negotiating, communicating and solving problem skill. The more I work, the more I complete myself.

It's such a great pleasure to have this opportunity to work with Hoozing. The team is dynamic, talented and supportive which should be a great place for you to learn new things.

It's exciting to work at such an innovative and fast growing company. Hoozing is a great place to learn new skill, new technology and meet talented people.