More than just an agent house

Expats in Vietnam have been facing a lot of challenges and setbacks when it comes to finding rental spaces and specially dealing with the right agents. With the desire to help expats find best quality renting in Vietnam, in July 2015, Hoozing was founded as a solution to this matter.

Our business model connects people and builds a “community of renters", where all the listings are acquired from current tenants who are about to move out. People who search for a house would get the chance to talk to them and receive many insider tips about the house and its neighbourhood.

With Hoozing, you can keep aside the worries of finding a budget residence within the price range, with the needed amenities, at the desired location, we take care of all of it, to deliver you the best renting experience from the time you show interest to the time you move in.


Properties information and photos are all real and updated. Unlike other websites where listings are from different agents, in Hoozing we've got them directly from the current tenants.


Whether or not you are new to the country, being able to speak the language or having a friend working in real estate, you stand and equal chance to find a good house with Hoozing. Our services are dedicated and free.


On a typical house search, people usually waste 20% of time on searching the wrong information, 50% on visiting the wrong house and face with endless scams in between. Hoozing save you out all of those hassles.

Our service standards

According to General Statistics Office of Vietnam, there are around 150,000 expats in Ho Chi Minh City and 50,000 expats in Hanoi. They are currently Hoozing's main target customers. To serve our customers in the best possible way, Hoozing recruit executives that can speak different foreign languages as well as previous international working experiences. On top of that, our service standards — as listed below- set out the quality of service any customer can expect from us when they contact us with an enquiry.

Our team is available 24 hour to help and guide you through the process. The chat system on website is connected with our executives' phones to ensure there would be a response to your message in the earliest time possible.

Hoozing ensures clear communication between all people involved from house owners, serviced apartment managers, current tenants and customers who are search for the house.

Hoozing helps the customer to sign the contract, ensures all negotiation with the landlord and tenant for terms and conditions. Hoozing also takes care of any other legality involved in getting the house rented for the new customer.

Hoozing takes care of everything from reminding you about important notices to helping in translating the documents. We ensure fast and prompt updates whenever you need us.

Don was very supportive in showing us the house and because he was also an international student in Saigon, we felt like we met people who walked in the same shoes.

I was so happy finding out that the current tenant - Alex - can speak French. My English is not very good therefore being able to talk in my mother language give me more confidence in choosing the apartment.

I paid my deposit online when I was still in the US as I felt so much trust in the company. Being able to see the house in 360 degree and talk directly to the current tenant were the reasons that I chose the apartment without an actual visit.